About the Blogger

Hi there, what’s doing?

My name is Laurie. To explain a bit about myself, I am a very simple bloke, asking very simple questions, which hopefully are answered with very simple solutions. Everywhere we go, everyone we encounter touches on how we perceive the world. The inspiration for this blog has come from a book titled A Canopy of Stars, by Fr Christopher Gleeson SJ, who over his years as a headmaster of a high school has collected reflections and stories that draw a sense of inspiration and offers many challenges to teenagers (of all people)!

Within this blog, my aim is to collect stories, quotes, real life examples of more inspirational and challenging questions and answers that readers can reflect and respond. They aren’t meant to be religious, some are – what we can appreciate is that we share a common faith in humanity and in doing so stand in solidarity with one another.

I hope you too find some comfort, refuge and challenges in what I have collected.

Happy reading

What’s in the name?

The lighthouse is a powerful metaphor. We know the purpose it serves. In darkness, it shines brightly to prevent ships big and small, from colliding with the immovable land. Here we are using it as our metaphor to describe the pillar of light it provides and guides the incoming vessels back to the safety of land.

The name of this blog comes from two sources. The first is from the song Lighthouse by The Waifs. The lyrics paint a very stark picture of a sailor, lost at sea being guided back to shore. The second source is from a reflection found in Christopher Gleeson’s book A Canopy of Stars, which tells of an altercation between a captain of a warship and the man guarding the lighthouse.

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